Our challenge was to integrate four hundred new line employees into an existing organization and avoid massive turnover before, during and after a grand opening. 

Al delivered a three week community building program that culminated in a day of joy and celebration that I will never forget. Five years after his work, more than sixty percent of the staff that participated in this program were still loyal and treasured employees of the casino.

Tom Odisho
Chief Executive Officer
Cypress Bayou Casino

We asked Albert da Costa to tackle the challenge of reorienting our core group of business founders into an entirely new business culture after nearly ten years of working together.After a series of one on one meetings Al called a group session. It was basically a “tough love” or intervention session, but we didn’t know it at the time. Through a series of self awareness exercises we were able to eliminate the accumulated fears; worries and protections that we had accumulated personally that were barriers to change. We were then able to work effectively as a group. 

Now after two years we are all firm believers that these sessions allowed us to reconnect on a new level individually and as a business. Our culture and our business thrive today.

Mike Colburn
Chief Executive Officer
Ideas Well Done

Al da Costa was engaged by our religious non-profit regarding our new multi-million dollar student housing project. A multitude of simple issues had arisen that had too many well-meaning hands involved in the matter.

Da Costa quickly evaluated and diagnosed the existing situation. He then presented a clear and concise report to the responsible Property and Finance committee of the corporation. The clarity of what was needed and the necessary steps to follow to insure success of the projected was presented. 

The critical issues were the group and individual dynamics.  Da Costa’s invaluable experience and skill enabled individuals, small groups, and the larger body to identify their needs, the interactions required, and the clear end game for all of them. The interpersonal talents da Costa brought to the situation were the key to insuring the success of the project and its future. 

The people involved today still benefit from his guidance and support. As a result, the project not only met its original religious intent, but also thrives as a business entity that now brings significant funds to support the corporation. 

Mike Wesner
UMBSP Corporation
General Counsel to the Santa Barbara Presbytery