Welcome to Socius


      Our life work is collaboration with people in learning, growth, change and developing community, while recognizing and supporting the underlying business proposition required for success. It is our passion. Learning is a collaborative experience, both for the coach and the learner. This collaboration can also include a boss, a significant other or a colleague.

     Growth occurs through the development of awareness, learning about choices and understanding intentions. Change happens when learning and growth reach a level that supports risk taking and a willingness to experiment. Developing community is a direct result of our years in assessing the essential qualities of what fosters and stabilizes long term, loyal groups and supports quality organizations.

      We emphasize our work in community development because we have learned through experience that companies which are willing to invest resources in building community realize greater resonance, satisfaction and career development of individuals over the longer term.

     The greatest recognition and satisfaction in our work comes from people who have participated in one of our programs and years later connect with us to express gratitude for the influence our work together has had on their life experiences, and our clients, who recommend us to others.



"Nosce Te Ipsum"

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