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Story telling has existed for as long as one human being has been able to communicate with another. In many early cultures, telling one’s story in an articulate way allowed for easy assimilation into a group and provided the group with greater power because of the sharing of information.

Story telling is a powerful tool in the culture of many tribes and groups around the world, allowing these communities to remain connected and viable even as the cultural context of the world around them changes.

As the emotional and psychological gaps deepen between cultures, the use of story telling is playing a greater and greater role in bringing groups of diverse and isolated cultures closer to one another by sharing their singular stories.

Story telling fleshes out an individual and allows an individual to become multi – dimensional instead a flat surface that another person can project upon and fosters the opportunity for individuals to hear others and be heard.
In the last hundred years, the extended family and the nuclear family have slowly declined in numbers.

As divorce rates have increased and more single parent families become the norm, the tendency to isolate, exacerbated by the isolation of the Internet world, has increased, such that people have fewer places to go to share their stories and feel safe to do so.

Research continues to point to the use of story telling as a means to create community in a meaningful way and thereby increase the potential for companies to retain staff and impact the well being of a company and its culture over a longer term.





"Nosce Te Ipsum"

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