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Community building is a goal within itself. Rather than creating a team for the sake of achieving a goal or sets of goals, community building attends to the human interactions that foster feelings of belonging, safety and loyalty within the group and ultimately to the company which provides the opportunity for group interactions and personal growth, self awareness and awareness of others.

Components of community building include the development of understandings about bias, stereotyping and presumption, along with the component of shared diversity among group participants, as well as the age old practice of story telling ( see Story Telling ) In essence, the revelation of how each participant arrived in this group and what the experience of being in the group is like at that particular moment in time.

The outcomes of community building, in conjunction with the shared understanding of diversity, are more positive interactions in the workforce, more willingness to assist and support one another through stressful moments or periods, a willingness to engage in positive conflict resolution and most importantly to a company, a trending toward lower rates of turnover.

Community building can be supported at many levels of an organization, while the methodologies used to build community at each level will address the needs and the attributes of each level of the organization.
The grounding that community building can provide in a workforce can often result in the development of future candidates for promotion within a company as a result of the influence of the learnings on how potential candidates interact with peers and other levels of a company structure.





"Nosce Te Ipsum"

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